Top 10 BRIGHT Moments of 2013 | Part 2

We are continuing our countdown from Tuesday of the Top 10 BRIGHT Moments of 2013 so without further adieu…

#5 Nashville Fashion Week – Making it into the Top 5 of our Top 10 BRIGHT Moments was Nashville Fashion Week 2013.  Clint’s affinity for producing fashion shows and Abi’s affinity for design made this event a dream to participate in.  Five non-stop days lighting up locations all over the city was thrilling and definitely a BRIGHT moment of the year.   And it’s looking like this year’s fashion week will be a favorite moment of 2014 🙂

#4 Duck Dynasty Fundraiser –  We are not afraid to admit that we are Duck Dynasty fans.  When we got the opportunity to manage  the lighting and audio production for the F. C. Boyd Christian Academy Fundraiser (AND meet Phil Robertson & Miss Kay!!), you knew this was going to make our top 10!  Watch our timelapse video of the event set-up here – the Civic Center in McMinnville was truly transformed for this remarkable event.

Bright Event Productions, Audio Visual and Projection Screens Nashville Events (2)1


#3 New Staff Members – With Clint and Abi repeating “I think we can, I think we can” over and over, it didn’t take long for this little idea to take off and grow.  Before we knew it, our initial full-time staff of two had more than doubled.  Jon joined the crew in January of 2013, Clayton came on board in July and Donald was promoted to full-time this January after 6 months on the crew.

#2 Neha & Guru’s Epic Wedding –  And by Epic, we mean EPIC!  Neha and Guru’s 3-day Indian wedding was a dream job for a dream couple.  While most of Team BRIGHT went without sleep over for their May celebration it was well worth it.  We were given an amazing amount of creative freedom (and an awesome budget to boot) and such things lead to amazing results.  You can see more pictures and read more about these lavish events in the previous blog posts.

Bright Event Productions, Indian Wedding Lighting Nashville


#1 Our 1st Anniversary – When you read how many small businesses fail in their first year, you can understand why our overwhelming success in this first year made our number one spot.  We didn’t have much more than an idea in the fall of 2012 and with the amazing encouragement, support and love we received from family, friends, event colleagues and clients, this idea has become so much more than we could have imagined.  Plus we had a pretty awesome party to celebrate!  🙂

And one more for good Luck! #11: Month of Giving BRIGHT – What a way to end 2013!  We kicked up our BRIGHT Giving a notch with our month long donation drive where we collected items in need for four Nashville based charities – Safe Harbor, Mending Hearts, Yana’s House and Noah’s Ark.  Collecting more than 35 bags of clothing, blankets, sheets and household goods were collected, including 42 winter coats, this small company of less than 5 full-time employees show just what a difference you can make!  We are looking forward a bigger and BRIGHTer donation drive this spring.


Month of Giving Bright ~ Donation Drive, Bright Event Productions