Save Your Event, Rent a Generator

Bright Event Productions, Generators for EventsIt’s not fun to talk about renting generators.  There is nothing fancy or pretty or trendy about a generator.  That said, there is nothing worse than losing power during your first dance or having your tent’s AC cut out amid a July heat wave.  Simple as it seems, power (and enough of it) can make or break a wedding or event.  Find out  why it matters to work with professionals and why big is better when it comes to generators.

Save Your Event, Rent a Generator.  Outdoor events under a tent do not come inclusive of power.  BRIGHT to the rescue!  We can supply power for all the vendors for your event – big or small.  All we need from you is a  list of your vendors and any specific wattage or circuit needs they have.  Not want to get involved in all this technical stuff?  No need – we are happy to contact those vendors needing power directly to confirm particular needs.

Go Big or Go Home.   The size of your generator will depend on the number of items you have needing electricity (commonly including lighting, catering, restroom trailers, photo booths, bands and/or your DJ).  And while it might seem tempting to save a buck and rent a generator for your local home improvement store, these are the generators that are loud and noisy.  Nothing romantic about eating dinner over a machine that sounds like a lawnmower.  That and it will likely not provide enough power.  The average wedding or event  with a guest count of 200 or less, uses a 20KW.  As a result, the smallest generator you will rent from BRIGHT is a 2oKW.  Not only will this safely provide enough power for your event, it hums at a whisper level (versus your unnerving alternative).  Note: When fans, heaters, or AC becomes necessary, we generally bump you up to a 40KW to be safe – same quiet hum, just twice the juice.

Placement.   Again, nothing for you to worry about.  Our team will take note of [possible nearby barricades at your event site (shrubs, catering tents, garage) where we can park the generator out of site.  This will doubly act as a sound barricade, muffling the generator’s minimal sound.

Remember when you want your event’s power done right, call BRIGHT!  We look forward to answering questions about power needs for your upcoming event.  Contact our team here.