BRIGHT Innovation Lab | New Items for Spring

We are celebrating lots of new things with the arrival of spring including an expansion to our inventory!  Without further adieu, check out all the new and fab from the Innovation Lab (ready to rent!):

Signs to Show the Way.  Whiskey and Bar have some new companions…  our “COFFEE” sign and our “NASHVILLE” sign!  These signs work well in a large event space, making it easy for guests to find their way but we also love using them as decor on a table or buffet.

Bright Event Productins, Custom Signs Event Lighting Nashville

Projection Screens We have recently added two rather fancy projection screens to our inventory – wait, what?!  Yep, when it comes to sound and audio projection we got what you need and are happy to add our BRIGHT touch.

Marquee Letters A-Z.  We now have every letter of alphabet as part of our Marquee Collection (many are in duplicate form), allowing us to create a variety of words and paired initials.  We wondering though… numbers?  Are they a do or a don’t? Email us if you say yes and would love to rent these signature pieces in numerical form.

Bright-Event-Productions-Marquee Letters

Extra-large 7ft frames.  These frames are used to create many of our custom lighting installations, including our record and branch chandeliers.  We recently used this new frame at the War Memorial Auditorium to create an over-sized version of our record chandelier, shown in set-up below.  Now we can not only go BRIGHTer, we can go bigger, too!

Record Chandelier, Bright Event Productions

Good things are coming out of the Innovation Lab for 2014 – so much so that we are busting at the seams.  It is a good thing we recently negotiated an expansion of our offices and warehouse 🙂  We start the official expansion into the neighboring space (and kick off another painting party) on April 1st.  Be sure to follow our facebook page to follow our progress!

We will definitely be looking for an excuse to create something new help fill in all this extra space so keep your innovative ideas coming!