The Month of Bright Giving Continues: Meet Laura Little and Yana House


Today we are continuing our four-part blog series for our Month of Giving BRIGHT, highlighting the Little Lady behind all these Big Causes – Laura Little!  It takes a pretty remarkable person to work week in and week out, collecting donations, working with area businesses and dedicating so much of her time to people less fortunate.  We asked Laura to share with us (and you) what motivates her.

“I help people because it feeds my soul.  Plain and simple, I do it because I care,” says Laura, ” Treating people with dignity and compassion is imperative to me. I believe it’s naive to assume that this could not happen to you or me one day. Life takes twist and turns and nobody asks to be born in the projects with a drug addict for a parent. Nobody signs up for an abusive spouse.  People don’t ask to be addicted to pain pills or alcohol. Everybody deserves a bite to eat, shelter and to be treated with dignity!”

For Laura there is no greater feeling than helping someone in need, it’s that simple.  And we are truly blessed to have such a friend to make all our lives a little brighter and could not be more proud to dedicate the Month of Giving BRIGHT to her causes!


Month of BRIGHT GIving, Bright Event Productions2

Laura Little doing Food Rescue at Whole Foods

Our second Nashville charity is Yana House.  Short for You Are Never Alone, this is women’s recovery home servicing mostly young women. They offer a supportive living environment for women recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. Encouraging a downloadsafe healthy approach to recovery, they teach young women that recovery is a personal journey that may involve developing hope, a secure base, and a sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning. These girls have often been to rehab and need a good place to live and redevelop their social skills.  Healing is their focus – you can find out more about this organization at their website.

As a reminder, we are collecting:

  • Dog Food
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Men’s and Women’s clothing of all kinds (specifically Men’s Winter coats, socks and underwear)

Later this week we will feature the third charity we are supporting, Mending Hearts.  Until then, you can bring your donations to our office, 712 Rundle Ave as well as Southern Events Party Rentals in Franklin (101 Alpha Drive, Franklin TN). Email with any questions.

You can also follow our progress on our facebook page – With your help, we know we can bring a lot of BRIGHT to others this holiday season!