Love Letters


Our marquee style “LOVE Letters” have been a big hit so far. With the help of local wedding photographer, Gregory Byerline, we thought we’d use them to explain why we love what we do. 



L is for the lasting impressions we create. I know that if you are in the wedding and event industry, you can probably relate to this statement. There is nothing more humbling than seeing a bride and groom’s expression as they walk into a room to see their reception for the first time. I recently had a bride that did not even shed a tear when she saw her future husband during their first look, but once she stepped into the Carriage House at Belle Meade Plantation to check out the set up, the tears began to pour. These are the impressions we strive to make.








O is for open minds. Do you have an idea for a unique lighting fixture? We would love to take the challenge. In January we had a client ask us to create a chandelier out of records and one out of guitars. If you have been following us on facebook, then you have seen the results. A-Mazing-Ness!!





V is for your vision we strive to fulfill. Whether it is a vintage inspired wedding or a Vegas themed casino night, our goal is to bring your vision to light. Some clients come to us with a very clear vision of what they are wanting their lighting design to achieve. Some have not quite put all of the pieces together. It is our job to dive in and discover what exactly we can do to bring it all together. I have found Pinterest to be a really helpful tool in the discovery process. For me this is the fun part.








E is for the extraordinary events we are a part of. I come from a town where the biggest event in town is the annual JA Ball. My mind is blown away with the scale of weddings and events I have been a part of here in Nashville. Never in my life did I imagine I would be called upon to do the lighting for CMT’s Artist of the Year Awards’ after party.







For these reason, we would like to say thank you to all of our partners and clients. We hope we have been able to “BRIGHTEN” up your events with the love we have for you all.