Innovation Lab: Paper Lanterns

With our inventory of paper lanterns (all shapes, sizes and colors!), we are constantly looking for creative ways to use these lanterns in event and wedding decor. Here are some of our favorite examples from BRIGHT’s Innovation Lab:

Classc and fun!  These whimsical pieces make great day-to-night fixtures and are popular as ceiling treatments with our Italian string lights or clustered as a focal point over a dance floor.

Paper Lanterns, Bright Event Productions (4)Bright Event Productions, Wedding Lighting Factory at Franklin, Daniel C. White Photography, Big Events, Inc (2)

(Photo Credit: Mr. & Mrs Photo – Daniel C. White Photography).

Paper Lantern towers, anyone?  We created these fun towers for a birthday party around the host’s pool.  They look great during the day and created a boundary to remind guests where the deck ended and pool started. These were not set to light up for this daytime event but could be adjusted to do so if nighttime ambiance was needed.

Paper Lanterns, Bright Event Productions (1) Paper Lanterns, Bright Event Productions (3)

When in doubt, build a wall.  A wall of paper lanterns that is! Our first example shows off how we used white paper lanterns of custom shapes and sizes to build a wall where they wasn’t one.  Again, these were not lit for this daytime event but it we can swap in our Italian string lights here. For those of you that have an event with all four walls, paper lanterns can be captured and lite within our large 8′ x 4′ frame. Create a focal point for a wedding ceremony or birthday party or set it up as a backdrop to a photobooth or bar.

Paper Lanterns, Bright Event Productions (2)Bright Event Productions Nashville, BRIGHT Night Out, Gregory Byerline Photographer (10)

(Photo Company: Framed Wall of Lanterns Photo – Gregory Byerline Photography).

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