Custom Event Lighting Fixtures

As far as weddings go, the first thoughts that come to the forefront of a majority of minds are the color of the floral details, the theme, and further aspects that create the decor elements of the event. Whether it’s furniture, draping, or the arrangement of the tables, a vast variety of elements make up the impression of a wedding reception, corporate dinner, or private party. However, one vital element that tends to be forgotten is the lighting. The ambience of the lighting can make all the difference in a room, and it is one unique element that is always guaranteed to make an impression on your guests.

When Clint and Abi started Bright Event Productions, they wanted to create a platform of entirely unique lighting items that you couldn’t find anywhere else. With those unique items, customization would be the key foundation. The Bright Event team builds mostly all of the items they have in inventory, and the inventory is continuously expanding.


Clint and Abi started with their “BAR” signs, one of which is considered modern and the other rustic. Built from scratch, these were custom designed to work with a variety of settings, and thus far, they have proved to be quite popular. From there, the team revealed their custom built marquee letters to spell out that all too quintessential word: “LOVE”. This item quickly passed as a big hit, and they are continuing to broaden their inventory of light-up letters.

LOVE letters

The next question the Bright Event team raises is to all of you. What would you like to see us build next?

One trend coming to life within the market is the replacement of groom’s cakes with whiskey bars or cigar bars. In light of that change, Clint and Abi also created the “WHISKEY” sign that hangs over these whiskey bars. Do YOU have any ideas for other signs? Maybe a “COFFEE” sign or a “FOOD” sign?


We love new and BRIGHT ideas. Any idea is welcome; thus, we are opening the floor to the Bright Event followers! Remember that we love customization, so pretty much anything is possible!  

What would you like to see for your next event? If you’ve got ideas, please do not hesitate to email them to us at! We’ll get in contact with you and work on that next step.