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Wow!  It has been a busy with for all of us here at BRIGHT – we are spending the week at The Special Event, an event industry conference being held at Gaylord Opryland (first time in NashVegas!).  We are providing set-ups for a few of the events here as well as soaking in a lot of great info on upcoming industry trends and innovations.  So that got us thinking about event lighting specifically and what we see on the horizon for 2014 and beyond.  Without further adieu, here are our top four trends to watch for in 2014… all coming to the BRIGHT Innovation Lab very soon!

Lighting Trend #1: Gold!  

Gold is the new black, white, sliver, everything.  We love it and you love it, too!  Already making a big come back in fashion accessories, couples and clients are tip-toeing into this trend already, accenting tables with gold flatware and votive holders.  But this gold thing is poised to take over (fingers crossed!), showing up in all our top trends for 2014.  I mean, who wouldn’t LOVE to have the gold beauty below hanging above their cake table or dance floor?!

P.S. Plan to also see a lot of black in event design.  A sleek counterpart to warm metallics, the combo create a cool urban hipster feel that has been missing with the recent rush towards all things vintage.

Lighting Trends1Lighting Trends

Lighting Trend #2: Mid-Century Shapes.

Mad Men may be winding to an end but we can’t get enough of the stylish digs ans swanky design of the 60’s and 70’s.  Look for streamlined shapes, geometric designs and tapered lines (as well as gold details!), to replace the rustic designs that have been so popular.  And of this will come with a bit of a 1970’s edge mind you… think American Hustle versus Austin Powers.  Sleek, sophisticated and sassy!

Lighting Trends 2014

Lighting Trend #3: Statement Pieces.

Hello, beautiful… How we love a statement chandelier!  Our Marilyn Monroe chandelier (shown below as two of her three tiers) was a big hit with its introduction over the summer as the quintessential statement piece.  Event design will move away from the heavy layering of shabby chic vintage and towards a more, clean and modern aesthetic with bold statement pieces like over-sized chandeliers and lighting installations.  And for some, this will mean a custom built one-of-a-kind piece built just for the occasion (and yes! we totally want to build stuff like this for you!)


Lighting Trend #4: Illuminated Furniture.

Finally, we may be ahead of the curve here but we’re betting on lighting to make it’s mark on lounge furniture.  Expect this to be subtle with a nod to the natural world versus past renditions that embrace a strong neon glow.  With continued advancements in lighting technologies, our only limits may be your imagination!

LightingTrends2014Ligthing Trends 2014