Bright Family Outdoor Dinner Party

With this weekend’s time change and spring around the corner, we can’t help but daydream about upcoming outdoor weddings and events. Here at Bright we jump at any excuse to throw a party. One of our favorite #BrightFamily gatherings was a photo shoot / dinner party we threw for ourselves in Abi’s back yard. 

If you are lucky enough with this Tennessee weather to not have a tent but need additional hang points, our wooden post structures are perfect for the job. We loved utilizing them to notate our dining area. Our Sobro baskets were the perfect accent to compliment our natural surroundings.

So here’s to sunshine, warmer weather, and backyard parties! We hope to be a part of you and your loved ones’ lasting memories. Special thank you’s to 12th Table and Erin Lee Allender for helping us throw this amazing dinner party.

P.S. Girl never misses out on a Bright party!

Photos: Erin Lee Allender Photography

Rentals: 12th Table