BRIGHT Innovation Lab | Chandeliers

Nothing says focal point like a one-of-a-kind lighting installation and for many of our clients, this means a chandelier (or group of chandeliers!) that is unlike any other.  A mainstay in the event lighting world, chandeliers will transform an outdoor tent, urban warehouse or grand ballroom into a warm and inviting space.  The soft glow and sparkle they often cast works for a variety of event styles and decor.  Sheets of crystals shine for a glamorous and dramatic effect whereas natural elements like branches or reclaimed wood work well with a vintage vibe.  As shown below, Team BRIGHT has customized pieces for specific theme using everyday objects in unexpected ways.  And with our self-described chandelier expert on staff (ahem… paging Clint Pilkinton), we will happily customize a unique event chandelier just for you!

Click any of the images below to see a larger version.  All these chandeliers make up a part the BRIGHT inventory and await your event.  Contact our team about rental and costs – we look forward to finding or customizing the perfect and unique lighting piece for your event!

Bright Event Productions, Tiered Chandelier51c0bd7b285db.jpg

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