Balloon Ceiling for a Sweet Bat Mitzvah

We have a fun recap for you today from a Bat Mitzvah party we did at Hillwood Country Club. The balloon ceiling effect was a complete show-stopper! It was a whimsical and fun focal point for the dance floor – perfect for a teen girl’s coming-of-age celebration, but it could work for a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, as well.

We teamed up with Visual Elements to create the balloon effect, lighting their unique design from above. Now, you might be wondering: how did they do that without popping any balloons or setting them on fire? Our answer: very very carefully! 🙂

This is where our event production expertise comes in handy, because a lite DIY balloon ceiling could easily turn into a disaster (in other words, don’t try this at home, kids!) When our clients have a vision for unique lighting design, our job is to figure out how to build it safely, beautifully, and hazard-free. Case in point: the end result for this Bat Mitzvah was stunning, without any smoke or flames to worry about!

Special thanks to Visual Elements for their creative collaboration with us on this event. And thank you to Photographix for sharing these beautiful images with us!






Bright Event Productions, Jayne Bubis, Hillwood Country Club, Photographix